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Eastern Bass [a property by us at DnB India] was launched in 2018 [after years of yearning], and is specifically designed and dedicated to promote Asian Underground Music. To share and educate more people about the fusion and blend of western underground bass music and the traditional Asian music; something that has been cultivated and carried forward by multicultural artists for about three decades now.

Asian Underground holds a special place in our hearts, for a bunch of reasons. The primary one being - It truly is the quintessence of the fusion of two worlds, two whole different worlds. And because it completely dissolves every inch of the kinds of boundaries that the politics [and evil] [still] thrives in the society; be it race, color, religion, creed, origin or anything else. It was a movement started by young musicians in a foreign land, torn between the cultural differences of their ancestral and new home - both poles apart. And amidst an attempt at further connecting with their roots and finding their own identity, they broke stereotypes and gave the world something that leaves behind a legacy that will never be forgotten.


We could really continue writing and talking for days about how our hearts react to all of it, as we listen to our fav Asian underground tunes at home right now. And we will be sharing a lot more about it. Thus we have decided to expand the community online.

The logo designed, a mix of two elements [text and illustration] has been done keeping a few things in mind. The extended lines around the font instinctively  establish an eastern character. And the illustration of a Dubplate [also close to the circle component of a CD and a cassette] here is also a symbolic portrayal of the core essence of Asian Underground - A fusion of two completely different worlds, to create a new one [three circles]. From our conversations with a couple pf artists from the founding clan, we think it also relates with words and emotions like - Movement, Unity, Uniqueness, Identity, etc.

We will start with sharing the images and videos from the two club night editions done in the past and eventually expand on the content, from sharing more about the music, the origin, the prominent figures, journey, struggles, artist profiles, interviews, mixes, videos and a lot more.

And we sincerely hope with this next step we are able to share new things with our existing audience and also connect with a lot more [those who already are avid listeners of this music and even those who aren't familiar with it].


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