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Debjyoti Das.jpg

Debjyoti Das

Co-founder & Resident Artist

Goes by the artist name of The Untitled One, spins drum and bass, and hosts a radio show on Boxout FM called ‘Subtitles’. As a DJ, he is known for seamlessly switching between different styles in his live sets, and this has seen him support some of the biggest names in the Drum & Bass scene like Delta Heavy, Netsky, and Document One. Deb also works as a fashion photographer, and when he isn’t being the camera or the decks, Deb enjoys cooking and growing his own food in his garden.

Ritu Arya.jpg

Ritu Arya
Co-founder & Creative Director

A freelance artist and a textile design graduate, with a keen interest in Indian textiles/crafts, Ritu spent her younger years running a blog where she combined her love for both music and mood images. She is now taking steps towards creating her own curated space/label in the near future, and her favorite thing to do is overanalyse everything till it hurts. She takes a billion pictures on an absolute regular day and also visits her alma mater NIFT [Blr] to take expert lecture sessions/jury.

Sagar Deshmukh.jpg

Sagar Deshmukh
Writer & Content Creator

For the best part of the last decade, Sagar was involved in the scene as a listener, but about 5 years ago, Sagar started covering the genre as a Writer. Since then, he has been instrumental in covering international & Indian DnB music with the same level of passion and zest. Mixes music under the name Fragment, likes to watch football (can watch it all day), cook (he's actually a decent cook), and read stuff. It’s his pipe dream to host a festival like SUNANDBASS in India.

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