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10 Drum & Bass and Jungle sets to listen to | Lockdown Period

These are difficult times we are living in. Constantly watching the news, keeping tabs on the numbers, worrying about our families and friends; and as a community of music enthusiasts, we have never faced a time like this either. From having a family of music lovers around us, week in week out, we have been confined to a restricted space. But it is the best we can do at this moment, stay home and stay safe until we get rid of this deadly virus.

And as we recover from this difficult moment, we have listed 10 Drum & Bass and Jungle sets that you should listen to and warm up until we all get a chance to come together and rave again.

1] DJ Randall - History Of Jungle Set

When DJ Randall is behind the decks, he brings rhythm and energy into his performances like no other. This set from the legend is educational, and it’s packed with legendary Jungle tunes.

2] LTJ Bukem & Omni Trio – Radio 1, 1996

Two of the biggest influences on the modern Drum & Bass/Jungle scene joined forces and delivered a surreal mix back in 1996. 24 years later, this mix is still as fresh as ever.

3] Kasra - BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix

Critical Music’s head honcho is arguably the finest selector out there and every DJ set or mix of his is inspirational and educational. If you are an aspiring DJ, sit back, listen, and learn.

4] Deadline - The Classics Mix (2004-2017)

Deadline are one of the finest talents to emerge from the modern generation of Drum & Bass. For this mix, the duo collected some of the genre’s bonafide classics and delivered a wonderful mix.

5] Fabriclive 35 - Marcus Intalex

This man, with his label, singlehandedly changed the landscape of Drum & Bass music, and as DJ, he left crowds in awe of his performances. Rest In Paradise, Da Intalex.

6] DJ Storm (Old Skool Mix)

One of the best to do it, DJ Storm’s influence on the Drum & Bass scene will always be unmatched. Here is the absolute Bosswoman dropping classic heaters after heaters.

7] Netsky Livestream (Hospital Classics Set)

Netsky’s return to Drum & Bass music was arguably the best piece of news during this difficult time, and he celebrated his return with a full-fledged classics set, taking us back to the time when he were used to seeing him dish out such surreal sets.

[P.S: The mix starts at 5.00]

8] A.M.C - Digging Deep (Hospital Classics)

Usually a freak behind the decks, A.M.C brought his pulsating energy a notch down and delivered a beautiful mix full of classic Hospital Records tunes.

9] Goldie | Boiler Room x VIVA! Festival

The man, the legend. Metalheadz boss made his return to Boiler Room after a long hiatus and dropped classics after classics at VIVA Festival.

10] Andy C – Essential Mix – 2005

This man needs no introduction. Listen and rave (at home).

Until next time, everyone. Stay home, stay healthy and stay safe!



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