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1985 Music return with the second installment of their 'Folio' series featuring Alix Perez and more

Since making their debut in 2016, Alix Perez’s 1985 Music Imprint has taken the Drum & Bass world by storm. Since their first release with DRS and Spectrasoul, the label has built their own brand of Drum & Bass which is heavily influenced by Alix Perez’s adventures in a variety of genres and the label has been successful in promoting all things Drum & Bass and everything in between.

Releases from the likes of Eprom, Fracture, and Alix Perez himself for himself for his Shades alias with Eprom are a testament to the label’s penchant for venturing into different genres of bass music.

Along with releasing groundbreaking music from the finest by the finest Drum & Bass artists, the label has also thrived on releasing diverse compilations from the artists on their roster and they have been very successful in delivering cutting edge music in all the compilations released until now.

The label released Folio 1 back in 2017, which included tunes from the likes of Halogenix, Monty, Submarine and the head honcho himself. 1985 Music has returned with their second installment of the ‘Folio’ Series and this time they have done a one up on their previous edition.

‘Folio 2’ is another full throttle Drum & Bass compilation featuring tunes from label regulars like Submarine, Hyroglifics, Visages, Scepticz and Lavance. First track ‘White Lies’ by Alix Perez is signature Mr. Perez featuring minimal territories of Drum & Bass with haunting basslines. ‘Grunge’ by Submarine is another rumbling low-end blooter aimed at the dance floor. Scepticz and Lavance have returned to the label with ‘Flatline’ which is a hefty industrial roller filled with clacking rhythms dextrously rippling over beams of aggressive dark side bass. ‘Searching’ by Hyroglifics and Visages is the signature sound the label has been championing since their inception; rolling, sleek and cutting edge.



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