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DnB India Premieres | Aeon Waves - One Life Many Faces / Genesis

Hailing from Ahmedabad, Kanishk Budhori aka Aeon Waves is a Drum & Bass DJ and Producer. Championing his inclination for euphoric soundscapes, Aeon Waves has delivered some surreal music over the years and his recent adventures with “Surupa” and a mind-bending EP on Mindtrick Records exemplify his affection for scrupulously crafted music. Along with being an excellent producer, Kanishk is also an ingenious DJ. If you are looking for some energy to cut through your day, Aeon Waves is the man for you. The Ahmedabad based DJ’s mixes are rapid and pulsating, making the listener want to stomp their feet. Kanishk also runs a show on Boxout FM which focuses on all things music with a serious bent towards Drum & Bass.

After his exploits with “Surupa”, we are proud to premiere a stunning two track EP from the eclectic producer. Carrying his penchant for atmospheric soundscapes, Aeon Waves has delivered two stunners. “One Life Many Faces” is a flawless Incorporation of the producer’s affinity for soaked synths and dreamy soundscapes, making the tune a stunning mix of melodic hooks and immersive beats. Whereas “Genesis” demonstrates a unique blend of up-tempo productions with a downtempo feel, with subtle beautiful undertones that are guaranteed to move the listener.

Releases on 10th May 2019 | Listen to his other tracks on his Soundcloud



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