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Camo & Krooked release their long awaited ‘Red Bull Symphonic’ compilation with Christian Kolonovits

Started in 2007, and fast forward 2020, Austrian duo Camo & Krooked have consolidated themselves as the undisputed legends of the Drum & Bass genre. From meeting at a skateboard park to making a lifelong pact of making ground-breaking music together for more than a decade, they have come a long way.

After releasing few singles in 2008, the duo released its first album, Above & Beyond, on Mainframe Recordings in 2010. Their success with Above & Beyond led them into signing an exclusive deal with Hospital Records in 2010. Since then, the duo has released some trend-setting albums like ‘Cross The Line’, ‘Zeitgeist’, and ‘Mosaik’ which earned them a place in the legendary status of Drum & Bass music.

Camo & Krooked have always been about pushing boundaries, and their recent work with legendary Austrian composer Christian Kolonovits for ‘Red Bull Symphonic’ testifies their knack of challenging the unknown territories of music. 

In what was the biggest challenge of their lives, Camo & Krooked collaborated with Christian Kolonovits to mix drum & bass music with symphonic sounds and perform live with a 74-piece orchestra. After several months of dedication, the result was ‘Red Bull Symphonic’ which was premiered with two exclusive shows at Vienna’s Wiener Konzerthaus, a first-choice venue for the world's leading classical composers.

After releasing classical renditions of tunes like ‘Loving You Is Easy’, ‘Atlas’, and ‘Witchdoctor’, the pair have now released a full showcase of a 22-track live album Featuring their biggest and best-loved hits all performed by the 74-piece orchestra, on Hospital Records. 

This album is a collaboration that the Classical and the Drum & Bass world had never seen before, and the documentary covered by Red Bull Music is breath-taking, to say the least. Watch here.

So, as we get through these difficult times, sit back, take a moment for yourself, and listen to the masters weave their magic with this stunning compilation of music. Stream the album here.



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