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Chase & Status deliver a skull shattering remix of Original Nuttah for its 25th anniversary

If there is one word to describe Chase & Status right now, it would be, Relentless. The London based trio have been on a complete rampage in 2019. Releasing their groundbreaking RTRN II JUNGLE album which is arguably the best album of 2019 and touring the globe in the process, there is no stopping these guys at the moment.

Never in the entire history of Drum and Bass and Jungle music, there was an album which was anticipated and hyped like RTRN II JUNGLE and boy did they deliver. The album is Chase & Status’ own take on the Iconic UK genre that is Jungle music and every tune from the album knocks you in the head.

Just when we thought it was over, the trio have dropped another bomb on us and this time, they have remixed the genre’s most iconic tune ever. Original Nuttah is a bonafide Jungle classic and no other act until now had dared to remix the tune because of the tune’s stature in the scene. But for an act who have transcended Drum & Bass like no other artist and the act who have turned more people on to Drum & Bass than any other act out there worldwide, we knew that the outcome was going to be colossal.

The original as we know is an absolute scorcher and to celebrate the tune’s 25th anniversary, Chase & Status featuring Irah, have delivered a rework of the original which will definitely, as some guy once said, turn Hare Krishna into a bad boy. :P



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