Crash Comet's take on Sukh Knight's iconic number, 'Parabat'

Crash Comet is the Drum & Bass alias of DJ and producer Daniel Patterson from London, UK. Crash Comet is a producer who likes to weave his music around silky-smooth soundscapes, and he began attracting attention in early 2019 when he won a remix competition hosted by Hospital Records and Fader Pro. The producer's ingenious rework for Drum & Bass legend 'Danny Byrd' and was shared heavily by Hospital Records. Crash Comet also won a remix competition hosted by BAFTA-winning composer 'Jason Graves', who is known for his work on video games like Dead Space, Tomb Raider, and Far Cry Primal.

Along with being an eclectic producer, Crash Comet also has a reputation of being an immaculate selector and his prowess behind the decks has seen him performing alongside artists such as (Mad Decent), Indika, Sukh Knight, Jon1st (DMC champion), and Fracture (Metalheadz). September 2019 saw the performance of Comet's first international headline show, performing in Seoul, South Korea.

After releases on Invasion Recordings and Nu Venture Records, Crash Comet's watershed moment as a producer came when he released 'Save Me' with UK based producer Linear on Differential Recordings. The tune was featured on Skankandbass, and it was also heavily supported by some of the biggest names in Drum & Bass.

After featuring in a compilation alongside producers like Melinki, SiLi, and Leniz, Crash Comet is back with a smashing remix for Sukh Knight's magnum opus 'Parabat'. The remix which is a surreal culmination of stunning eastern melodies, captivating drums, and punchy bassline, is also a step away from Crash Comet's penchant for spine-tingling melodies, and it is safe to say that he has given the perfect homage to a tune which until now seemed untouchable to any producer for a rework.

1. What was your first thought when you picked this track for a bootleg?

I first heard the track when I opened for Sukh Knight back in 2019. I loved how he fused Indian elements with UK dubstep to create something completely fresh and unique. I started playing the track out in my sets after that, but I felt like a Drum & Bass remix would fit better in my sets and also take people by surprise.

2. We have known Crash Comet as a producer with a penchant for silky textures but what made you venture into the darker side of Drum & Bass for this remix?

In our world there exists both Light & Dark, Ying and Yang, black and white. This is a darker side of Crash Comet, but don't worry the lighter side is still there!

3. Has the recent pandemic situation been hampering with your work flow/process or it's been rather useful to find some quiet time and focus completely on what you want to do?

I have been very fortunate to have a studio to work from throughout the pandemic, it's enabled me to finish so much music during this time such as an upcoming EP as well as, some more music that I am really proud. But, obviously it has also been very challenging financially, not being able to play gigs has really affected me and many others across the world. We will bounce back from this though and I am already working on some other projects to create a more sustainable future for Crash Comet.

The track is up for free download here.

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