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DnB India Dubplate 050 | The Untitled One

We started our Dubplate features in the year 2013, a little after the inception of the community in the same year. Now and then we look back at this significant journey, in fact we do it rather often - each time we are putting together our features or planning the same. From local acts to artists from different countries/continents, each with their unique style, we think of our Dubplate features as nothing short of a treasure chest. We've been and will always be very appreciative of each one who has been a part of this, given it all requires an artist's valuable time and efforts.

And it gives us immense pleasure to announce that today we release our 50th feature. After a lot of thinking and discussion, it only seemed perfect to have the guy behind the community's existence itself - one of co-founders - The Untitled One, for this milestone. For most of us who know him, he has always believed in the genre and has always been true to it, while also making sure he shares his skills and knowledge with his fellow artists/DJs. So, here we are - we got him to do an extended mix for this special feature, in his unique approach of creating a journey with carefully selected tunes of different styles and with always a touch of something we personally love & enjoy a lot - Asian Underground. We also had a conversation about what he has been up to during these past few months that have been very difficult for each and everyone.

Hoping you enjoy this candid chat, while listening to this exclusive mix that he has put together [something that he is flawlessly brilliant at] and that you will also share this with your friends and people who do/might dig this.

1. How are you? And how have you spent this quarantine period so far?

A - I am doing great guys, thank you. Congratulations on the 50th feature and thank you for inviting me to do a mix, it's an ecstatic feeling to come to this milestone. You know that I have a day job as a fashion photographer and taking time out for myself, the family and music has always been tough. So, these few months I have been able to spend quality time with my wife and my mother-in-law. Also, working on music and taking care of my plants, it has all been easier.

2. What’s your daily routine been like? And have you made any music while at home?

A - I do not follow a fixed routine to be honest. These days I have been listening to a lot of music and the rest of time is spent being involved with gardening. And yes, I have been working on some music during this time. There was this CovidWar music making challenge trending on the internet and I was challenged by a good friend, Aeon Waves, to make a tune within 24 hours. So I did it. You might have heard it in my last livestream and my radio sets. The track’s called Rampant. So, right now, I am just working on a few more ideas around the same track and thinking of an EP as well.

3. Is there something that you hadn’t done for a long time, but are now doing with this time at home? A - As I mentioned, taking time out for myself, my family, my plants and music is what I am enjoying the most right now. Other than that, carpentry is what I missed doing for a long time. And given the free time I've had lately, I could finally complete my unfinished sofa-cum-bed project and also a console desk for my wife.

4. Everyone is talking about industries getting affected due to COVID-19, but no one is really talking about the devastating effects on live entertainment/music industry. Do you think there is a stigma among people when it comes to music and live entertainment?

A - Of course there is a stigma in our country about the live music culture. Why do we get neighbour complaints when we play music with even just a couple of people? What about the cops showing up outside the venues because of noise complaints from the locality, even though everything is under control/legal? Because the majority of people here do not understand/appreciate the live entertainment/music culture. They think people who are a part of this culture - who listen to music at home or go out on weekends to have a good time, or are into similar fields, are a disgrace to the “Indian culture”. And this has always been there. It's hard for it just vanish over night. But our community is too strong to be affected. And yes, COVID-19 has hit our industry too hard, just like any other industry and every single person on this planet. Sure it is a difficult time, but the culture won’t die, we are stronger than that.

5. The rise in DJ live streams at the moment is more than ever. Do you think DJ Live streams will be the ‘new-normal’ going forward?

A - DJ live streams has been there since a long time, it isn't something new. I remember, I was a part of a DJ live streaming service in 2013 called, “” and I even played a live set to be streamed at their stage/booth at Sonar Festival ’13. But of course, the lockdown has changed the perspective now. And because of big players like Mixcloud jumping onto the live stream business, it definitely has a bright future. Virtual weddings, virtual meetings, etc. exist so why not virtual giging? I have always believed that live streaming is a great way to reach new listeners for your music.

6. What other genres would you like to produce other than Drum & Bass?

A - I love Drum and Bass. Period. As cliche as it might sound, I do believe in the words that DnB is not just a genre, but a lifestyle. A DnB head would totally understand what I mean. Having said that, I like all sorts of music, be it Indian Classical, Sufi, Bangladeshi baul, House or techno. If you want me to be specific about making something, it would be techno. I like the energy the genre has.

7. 5 tune you are digging at moment?

A - Ah man, it’s always a tough call to pick your favourites. 1. Logistics - Electric Sun [An all time favourite] 2. Monrroe - Days Like These [Pure soul] 3. Kings Of The Rollers - Burnt Ends (Circuit's Rewire) [The rework is just so hypnotic.] 4. Grafix - Zephyr (feat. Ruth Royall) [Digging his solo project lately] 5. Sub Focus & Wilkinson - Just Hold On (Pola & Bryson Remix) [Love the Pole & Bryson’s statement rolling style beats on this big tune] You can also take a look at the Spotify playlists I often update with my picks - 'Fresh Tomatoes' and 'Prescription Beats - DnB Workout'.

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  • Tracklist to be shared soon.



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