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DnB India Dubplate 053 | Brain

After a quick hiatus, we're here with our new Dubplate feature for this month. Originally scheduled for September [pushed further for various reasons], this is yet again a significant one for us. Ever so grateful for all the connections & associations we've established so far, we're thrilled to bring to you an exclusive heart-to-heart chat with the people who've been at the forefront of the Drum and Bass scene in Bogotá [Colombia], the DnB capital of Latin America, for more than a decade now - Jairo Vargas and Juan Aguilar [aka BRAIN].

Jairo Vargas

Jairo co-founded RE.SET in 2007 [along with DJ Sebass], an entity that has been promoting the sounds while working with both local/national and international talents for about fourteen years now. He has been working tirelessly to create the perfect vibe for both the artists and the audience in the region since then, and is still as enthusiastic about it all as he was when he first started his journey with music. Apart from being the head honcho at RE.SET, he works closely with various other promoters in the scene and is also involved with the Radikal Styles Festival, a multi genre annual festival from Bogotá. There's also RE.SET AUDIO, a DnB label managed and run by the RE.SET crew that aims at supporting other talents from the country. The region's DnB scene stands strong and continues to thrive because of Jairo's faith in it, because of his faith in music, the people and the culture.

Coming to the artist [and the mix] of the month, we've Juan aka BRAIN, who realised his love for the genre about a decade ago. One of the most outstanding & promising producers from the country, Juan has had his music released on Sofa Sound, Flexout Audio, Dispatch Recordings and many more. With his latest EP 'Roadview' [released this September on Dispatch Recordings] that received huge attention and support from the who's who of the DnB world, it's clearly evident that his work/production only gets better by the day.

We had a long conversation with them about an array of topics - about how it all started for each one of them, their journey so far, the ups and downs that the music industry often finds itself going through, their ideas and aspirations and more.

Interview - Jairo Vargas and Juan Aguilar

Last but not the least, we have a stellar mix [with tons of IDs] that BRAIN has put together, exclusively for us. Hit play now!

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* Interview by Sagar Deshmukh.



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