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DnB India Dubplate 044 | Ransom David

November Dubplate features one of our city boys - Ransom David. From being forced into taking piano classes as a kid, to exploring & producing a wide array of genres, while also being equally great behind the console; he has come a long way. Over a span of about a year, he has done a few experimental singles, apart from an EP he launched in March, this year. Read on, but only after you've hit play for this groovy mix he has put together. Also, don't forget to support, share and show some love.

1. Tell us about how and when you started your journey of music [DJing/Production] as ‘Ransom David’? A - At the age of 9, my mom forced me to take piano classes and sing in church. At first, I wasn't really into it. But over the years it grew on me. Back in 2012, I was introduced to this DAW called FL Studio. I started learning and producing Orchestral music. I thought I would grow up and compose music for Hollywood movies like Hans Zimmer. I released a five-track Orchestral EP, which did pretty good on YouTube. Eventually, I gave up on that and took a long break to complete my education. In 2017, I decided to give electronic music a shot. Since then, I've never stopped. 2. You like to experiment with Dubstep, Drum & Bass and Electronica in general, how has your taste evolved over the years since you started? A - My taste in music has not changed a lot. I've always been a massive fan of Dubstep and Drum & Bass. Even while I was producing Orchestral music, I was listening to Skrillex, Virtual Riot, Delta Heavy, Dirtyphonics and many more. I'm fascinated by the amount of work that goes into designing these weird bass sounds. So, I try to infuse both of these genres in my productions to create unique and heavier tracks. 3. You’ve produced a few singles in the past and also did an EP this year, tell us more about these? A -  Well, these tracks are pretty much experimental. This was the first time I tried producing Dubstep and Hybrid Trap. I know it's not the best, but I released it anyway. I just wanted to have the feeling that I can produce these genres and motivate myself to improve. | Listen to the tunes here | 4. Tell us a little about ‘Screech’, the group/collective that you co-run here in Bangalore. A - Screech is a bass event that I and two other friends started this year. This is something we wanted to do for the bass culture. As we all know, Bangalore's bass music scene is really weak compared to other states in India. So, we took this initiative to start hosting our gigs which are solely meant for Dubstep and Drum & Bass. 5. What is your opinion on the bass music scene in Bangalore/India? A - Compared to the last 5 years, I think the bass music scene is gradually improving in Bangalore. There is more young audience who listens to Dubstep and Drum & Bass. I think if we produce good content and keep pushing these genres, I'm sure more people would come to the gigs and support artists and the scene. 6. What's next for you, in terms of gigs and music production? How’s 2020 looking? A - I'm currently working on a Drum & Bass EP. I'm so excited to release it next year, this is the best work I've ever done!  Speaking of gigs, it's really hard to host one or to get one at the moment. Haha! I hope the situations in Bangalore change soon.  I will be doing a few gigs by the end of this year, probably. 7. 5 tunes you are digging at the moment? A - Sub Focus - Siren Bredren - Inferno A.M.C - Nitro Reid Speed - Gwaan Crash Comet - Save Me Follow Ransom David - Facebook | Soundcloud | iTunes | Instagram

Tracklist 1] Nemy - No More [SkankandBass] 2] Invadhertz - If you [SkankandBass] 3] Anile - Allergens (Bop Remix) [Hospital Records] 4] Monty - Decisions [1985 Music] 5] Confusious - Smoking Aces [SkankandBass] 6] Missin - Flux Quality [Vandal Records] 7] Bredren - Swayed [1985 Music] 8] Circuits - Microdose [Critical] 9] Nymfo - Count Em Off [Vandal Records] 10] Monty - Legion [1985 Music] 11] Hyroglifics & Visages - Searching [1985 Music] 12] Hybris - Timeloop (Original) [Invisible] 13] Gerra & Stone - The Curve [Vandal Records] 14] Bou & Unglued - Ascendant Man [Hospital Records] 15] Was A Be & Synth Ethics - Roughmouth [Vandal Records] 16] Survey - First Encounter (Original) [Invisible] 17] Scepticz & Lavance - Flatline [1985 Music] 18] Monty - Spatia [1985 Music] 19] Submarine - Grunge [1985 Music] 20] Fracture feat. Alix Perez - Realise [1985 Music] 21] DJ Limited & Sub Zero - Can't Go to Sleep [Playaz Recordings] 22] Arkaik - Severance [Vandal Records] 23] HLZ - Hyperion [Metalheadz] 24] Operate - Chambers [SkankandBass] 25] Jack Mirror - Assimilate [Viper Recordings] 26] Bredren feat. T-Man - Inferno [1985 Music] 27] Break & Total Science - Dog's Dinner [Symmetry Recordings] 28] Des McMahon - Tipping Point [Trendkill Records] 29] Reid Speed - Gwaan [Viper Recordings]



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