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DnB India Dubplate 046 | Marble Elephant

After a short gap of a month [for reasons we shared on our Instagram], we are here with our February Dubplate feature. And this time we have a duo that's started their journey rather recently, and already have 7 fine singles out there - Marble Elephant. This couple [Christina and Baptiste] from France and Germany/England takes influences from various styles of music, including Techno, Dubstep, Instrumental Hip-Hop, creating different kinds of colourful vibes.

Hit play to this vibey set they put together for us, and read to know a little about their journey. Don't forget to support - Share and show some love.

1. How did the idea of Marble Elephant come about? A - When we moved from Brighton to Devon, we stayed with Tina’s Grandad, inbetween places. When we moved out, we said a big thank you and gave him a card. He was so touched by the message in the card, that he decided to give us this adorable Marble Elephant as a thank you, for the thank you. We were so inspired by this, that we decided to adopt this name. 2. How would you like to describe your production styles?

A - We are very experimental with our style. At the moment we are focusing on making liquid drum and bass, and parallel we are also working on old school UK dubstep influenced sounds. We love all kinds of electronic music and are excited to experiment and explore every avenue. 3. We love “Don’t Lose It”. Tell us more about your experience of shooting the video and your thoughts on the tune. A - We decided to collaborate with our friend Adam, who is currently building his filmmaking career. After a lot of planning and organising, we managed to get everyone together on a beautiful sunny day in July. Cam, the best skater of the group, was going to be in most of the shots doing his amazing tricks. However during the very beginning of the shoot, he was trying to land a kick flip over a set of stairs, and twisted his ankle, poor guy. Because of this, we had to improvise! Thankfully the skaters in the skatepark were really awesome and were up for demonstrating their tricks for the video. All in all, the day did not go as planned but thanks to everyone’s motivation and great input, we got some good results! Later that month we shot the scenes with the smoke grenades in the woods. We spent two hours practicing our moves for a total of four minutes, as we only had two smoke grenades. It was loads of fun!   Don’t Lose It was our first decent drum and bass track, which we were happy to release. We love the vocal samples in this tune. 4. What would you guys like to produce other than Drum & Bass? A - We would like to produce heavy, deep dubstep such as the likes of Kahn, Commodo and Egoless. Our goal is to make music which is suitable for some calm chilling but also heavy enough to get down to in the club. 5. What can we expect from Marble Elephant in 2020? A - In 2020 we have big plans, such as another video clip with the same director as Don’t Lose It. Our first EP is also on its way, we are looking to release this in the beginning of summer. We have a few singles lined up as well, one will be released on the 7th February, so prepare yourselves! This won’t be a drum and bass track but we hope you will love it anyway! We are also hoping to play some shows in the summer.  6. Five tunes you guys are digging at the moment? A - Oh only five… tough choice but here you go:  Data 3 - Tric City  Grey Code - Ethics Cyrax - Harmonia Mefjus - The Sirens Commodo - Sleepwave

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1] OaT - Confession [T3K]

2] Bredren - Backlash [Demand Records]

3] Bou - Envy [V Recordings]

4] Kasra - Ski Mask [Critical Music]

5] InsideInfo - Whistler [InsideInfo Music]

6] Ed-it - Nevermind It [Shogun Audio]

7] Dawn Wall - Mantis [Integral Records]

8] Data 3 - Tric City [Flexout Audio]

9] Data 3 - Something Strange [Addictive Behaviour Records]

10] Survey, Amoss - Loose Change [Flexout Audio]

11] Mefjus - The Sirens [Vision Recordings]

12] Philth & Bredren - Butterfunk [Flexout Audio]

13] Mefjus - Sinkhole [Vision Recordings]

14] Fra4knc, Klinical- The Shaman [Flexout Audio]

15] Ground - Garden Peak [Flexout Audio]

16] Grey Code - Ethics [Metalheadz]



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