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DnB India Dubplate 040 | 2 A.M Talk

For our June Dubplate, we have another Mumbai based artist, 2 A.M Talk, a Drum & Bass producer/DJ, who also operates as '4lienetic' which is the producer’s Future Garage alias. We recently premiered on of his latest tracks, Hades which is a beautiful number. With 'Spor' being one of the inspirations behind Sugam getting into Drum and Bass, he has been exploring and making multiple genres as 4lienetic for about 7 years now. Between making and teaching music, apart from also being a professional graphic designer, 2 A.M Talk came into existence only a year ago, with the idea of brining in fresh sounds while continuing to experiment with absolute freedom. We had a chat with Sugam, to know more about his journey, work methods and future plans. Before you start to read further, don't forget to hit play and listen to this brilliant and exclusive mix set he has put together for us.

1. How did the idea of 2 A.M Talk come about?

A - 2 A.M Talk was a youtube channel way back in 2014/2015, if I remember correctly. Me and a couple other producers thought of starting this to promote future garage, ambient and music with a night-time/dark vibe, hence the name. That idea died very quickly, we had a couple mixes up on that channel and neither of us took it forward after that. Last year I thought of using that name to experiment with different styles and genres and eventually settled on DnB. I really liked 2 A.M Talk when thought of as an artist name, especially since it fits and describes my atmospheric style pretty well. 2. How would you like to describe your style? A - I feel my music is atmospheric and emotive, those are two words I feel attach really well to the stuff I make. Even with DnB I see myself subconsciously using my experience in creating atmospheres and highly melodic music & translating that over to the work I do on 2 A.M Talk. Going forward I do want to change this slightly and kill the influence my ambient music has over 2 A.M Talk but that's a slow, gradual process. 3. How was journey as 4lienetic and when did you decide that it was best time to switch things up and explore Drum & Bass? A - My journey as 4lienetic so far has been incredible. Grown my music a lot in terms of production quality over the years, found a unique sound/indentity for myself, learnt from the bad experiences, had the good ones motivate me to aim higher, the whole process of just growing as an artist. Of course there's still a lot to learn and a lot further to go, I'm nowhere yet compared to where I aim to be. I decided to switch things up about early last year, I felt myself boxed in and my music becoming stale. That was one of the main reasons I started 2 A.M Talk, so I can have the freedom to experiment and do what I please without having to worry about what the audience on 4lienetic expects of me. I feel at times with trying new things and new genres you might or might not be able to keep up the same production quality that you had with your main genre, that's one thing I didn't want to worry about. Also I make a lot of music, a second alias will keep me from over-saturating both of them.  4. Your recent premiere [Hades] with us was a gorgeous piece of work. What are your thoughts on the tune? A - Thank you! I loved working on that track. End result turned out pretty good but as it is with all music I make, I feel I can do better. 2 years down the line as 2 A.M Talk I hope to look back at Hades and cringe the same way I do when I listen to old 4lienetic stuff haha. 5. Which artists inspired you to make drum & bass? A -  I used to listen to a lot of Spor, he's definitely one of the reasons I was inspired to make DnB. As to why I actually ended up making DnB, that would be because of a friend I met through music, Josh. Used to make DnB and chillout music under the alias Aux.Verba. Eventually him and his friend 'Greed' ended up making an alias for their music together, In:Most. The first DnB track I ever made was a collaboration with him. I just continued on from there. 6. What’s next for 2 A.M Talk? A - I just plan to continue making music under 2 A.M Talk for the rest of this year, improving myself and growing. Like I mentioned earlier, I want to keep trying to reduce the influence my ambient music has over my DnB and that's gonna be the focus for the rest of 2019. 7. Your top 5 drum & bass tunes this year? A - Hajimari's recent releases have been amazing. Gifted producer. Direct's new release with Telomic & Matt Van was sick as well. I loved Aeon Waves' new EP. Halogenix- Line B from his new Gaslight EP is incredible, on Critical Music. I also liked Degs' new release 'Killer'. Love his voice.

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Tracklist 1. 2 A.M Talk - Hades [Blue Lies] 2. Aeon Waves - Genesis [TAABIR] 3. Halogenix - Line B [Critical Music] 4. Hajimari - Decompress [Self Released] 5. 4lienetic - Zeus [Blue Lies] 6. 2 A.M Talk - Nyx [Blue Lies] 7. Andy Leech - The Hallows [Self Released] 8. Sublab & Azaleh - Continuum [Self Released] 9. Visages - The Moment [Flexout Audio] 10. Hajimari - Omen [Self Released] 11. Invadhertz - If You [Skankandbass] 12. Karma - Submerged [Skankandbass] 13. Invadhertz - Everything I Need [Skankandbass] 14. Karma - Pulse Waves [Skankandbass]



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