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DnB India Dubplate 039 | EchoFloat

Our May Dubplate features EchoFloat, which is a project conceived by Jeff Nelson, an artist based in Mumbai. The music he explores ranges from lush thoughtful soundscapes to intricate granular textures, with bass music always being the underlying aspect of the sound palette. It's the foundation over which he explores his own productions and DJ sets that are reminiscent of organic and cyberpunk aesthetics in hopes to invoke a sense of space, form, interconnectivity and movement. EchoFloat's sounds are heavily inspired by artists like Telefon Tel Aviv, Nosaj Thing, Lorn, Amon Tobin, Autechre, Valance Drakes, Nonotak Studio, FIS, Rob Clouth and labels like Warp, Subtext Recordings, Outlier Recordings, Terra Null, etc. We had a quick chat with him, about his last EP, tracks he is digging at the moment and also about his plans in the near future. Hit play and listen to this seamless mix he has put together for us, and read on.

1. “A playground full of fractured beats” and rightly so. We’re in love with the intricate nature of your music. How do you like to go about your projects?

A - Thank you. I think my music can be quite polarizing. Sometimes I end up making stuff that sounds like ambient/downtempo beats, on other nights I find myself making heavier and darker music. What remains constant is the use of field recordings and foley sounds throughout most productions. I find it really interesting to pick a familiar sound, like the snapping of a rubber-band or a creaking door and to be able to morph it into something completely alien and unrecognizable.

2. What was the defining moment in getting into music and making electronic music eventually? A - Back in 11th grade high school, a kid in our hostel found a cracked version of Sony Acid Pro. I think it was Acid Pro 5 and I’m pretty sure none of us were aware of its full capabilities but to most of us it was the first audio editing program we could use straight from the laptop. That idea was fascinating, also an escape. Some other kid exported a whole massive library of loops and samples from GarageBand because someone had a macbook and put it all on a hard-drive, passed it around. So during nights a lot of the kids who would play counter-strike relentlessly stayed back in their rooms, arranging stock apple loops and samples, calling it music. It wasn’t, but it did give us an idea on how to play around with audio. I got hooked with the process and downloaded Ableton’s demo version just to see what that was all about. Haven’t turned back since. 3. As a listener “Transmutations” tends to the listener into a deep and intriguing journey. What are your thoughts on the EP? A - Thanks. There were no preconceived notions on how I wanted the EP to sound. I’d recently moved to Bombay that year and was probably getting influenced by the almost cyberpunk-ish dystopian aesthetic of the city. 4. The remix compilation has some interesting names as well. Tell us more about it. A - The original EP released about a year ago, titled 'Transmutations' which means, the action of changing or the state of being changed into another form. Sonically this was to be explored using found sounds and foley recordings to either use its original characteristics as they were or to morph it to taste. Post release, I wondered what new forms can the sounds take. So I asked a few of my favorite producers from the homeland to pick a track of their choice from the original EP, sent them the stems, and in return a new round of transmutations had occurred. 5. Can we expect EchoFloat to make Drum & Bass in the future? A -  This year. 6. 5 tunes you are digging at the moment? A -  1. Grit - Zealey 2. Promises - Mr. Carmack with Imogen Heap 3. Catostrophe - Vorace 4. Mulla - Persian Empire 5. Taqamus Muqawim - Muqata'a

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Tracklist 1. Oneness - Antidote Remix V2 [Danktronics] 2. Tsuruda - Flex [Self Released] 3. Phydra X Samurai Breaks - Alpha [Self Released] 4. Aedfx x Episcool x Jestic - Mean Mug [Sus Collective] 5. Deft - Trips [1985 Music] 6. Fracture - Soundboy Get Nervous [Exit Records] 7. Kromestar & Danny Scrilla - Hive [Library Music] 8. Mark Instinct - Killa Flip [CART Records] 9. Axon x Arkaik - Alchemy [Proximity Recordings] 10. Arkaik x Coma - Heat Seeker [Diffrent Music] 11. NARKS DnB - Hypnosis [Self Released] 12. DFNKT - Touch [Self Released] 13. Hydro - Sagiso [Utopia Music] 14. Homemade Weapons - Crewcut [Samurai Music] 15. Magugu x Doctor Jeep - When I Enter [Tuba Records] 16. Høst - Watch It [Aufect Recordings] 17. Hydro feat. War - Omerta [Utopia Music] 18. Lewis James x Fixate - Indigo [1985 Music] 19. Chee x Noclu - Get Hot (Noclu VIP) [Saturate Records] 20. Dexta x Mauoq - Labbit (Giraffe Dub) [Nurtured Beatz] 21. Digital x Spririt - Phantom Force (Fracture Astrophonica edit) [Phantom Audio] 22. Ewol x Espired - Malfunction (Euph Remix) [Most Addictive Records] 23. Fade - Shadows [Interactive]



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