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DnBIndiaPremieres | Promenade - BCN [Ballads 2 LP]

A veteran of the Italian Drum & Bass scene, Promenade’s love affair with the genre started back in 2002. Besides being a regular DJ in Italy’s club circuit for over two decades, Promenade has also been successful in creating a fresh new sound which involves a culmination of genres like Funk, Hip- Hop, and Soul.

His refined style of Drum & Bass has seen his music travel to labels like Chronic and G Recordings. Promenade’s penchant for funk and soul has also been championed by some of the biggest names in the scene like Roni Size, Aphrodite, Dillinja, and Bryan Gee.

Along with his accomplishments as a DJ and producer, Promenade is also a proud owner of BNC Express; a label which was created back in 2011, to provide a substantial platform for up and coming artists to express themselves freely and develop their passion and sounds without any barriers.

Last year, we had the chance to premiere one of Pormenade’s tunes from his Ballads LP, and now we are stoked to announce that the accomplished producer is back with a 13-track album, of which we are ecstatic to premiere ‘BCN’.

Bringing his liquid-funk game to the fore, ‘BCN’ is loaded soaring textures and skin-bubbling bass which create an atmosphere of melancholy, As the tune reaches its climax, these elements combine seamlessly to give us a wispy and ambient sound.

LP out on the 15th of June on BNC Express.



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