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Dogger and Mindstate return to 1985 Music with 4 cuts of breathtaking Liquid Drum & Bass Music

When the sounds of Manchester and Bristol combine, you get the magical productions of Dogger and Mindstate. The London-based producers have been at the forefront of producing silky smooth atmospherics and spine-tingling bass lines.

Distinctive, meticulous, and emotional; Dogger and Mindstate deal solely in the art of writing and producing breath-taking Liquid Drum and Bass. The pair like their music stripped back, allowing space for the vocal line to shine, and they have exhibited this perfectly with two stunning releases on DRS’ Space Cadet and Alix Perez’s 1985 imprint.

Following their success with the ‘Broken Home’ EP on 1985 Music, Dogger and Mindstate have returned to the label, and dropped their highly-anticipated second major work ‘’The Time Is Yours” and we caught up with them to know their thoughts on the release.

Along with Anile, K S R, DRS and Liam Bailey, they have dropped another accumulation of ridiculously breath-taking music full of marbled synth textures, sudden flickers of piano, and sax.

1. Having worked with Liam Bailey and before and now with veterans like DRS and Anile. How fluent was the creative process?

A : With myself [Dogger], Mindstate, Liam and DRS The creative process with us is always quite easy, as we all know what each other likes, we are usually all on the same page when it comes to an idea and we all know what it needs to take it over the line, so if the sound is right to begin with then the rest of it comes together pretty quickly. Working with Anile was new for us but he sent over an idea and straight away we loved it so that came together very easily too, we added [ K S R ] to the mix and the track was a done deal.

2. Would You like to step into the darker and punchier side of Drum and Bass in the future? A : I think we both like a lot of varied music so you can expect us to experiment more in the future, we are working on a couple of new projects at the moment where we are really opening up possibilities of bringing influences from other genres into our work, but we both love the heavier side of drum and bass too and that shows in our DJ Sets.

3. This is your second EP after the 'Broken Home' EP in 2019. Is there anything you feel has changed with this EP?

A : I think our understanding of each other musically has become clearer so we tend to write music together a lot quicker, we play on each others strengths and we both know what we like. I think if anything has changed then it’s maybe it’s that the sound has become a bit more ‘live’ and musical rather than moving more electronic.

The opener and title track ‘The Time Is Yours’ begins with a gorgeous slice of keys, and invites the listener into a soul-stirring journey they have never experienced before. The atmospheric mood of the intro moves to a sumptuous drop filled with captivating drums, immediately pulling the listener into the EP. ‘Don’t Hurt Me’ takes a similar route but exemplifies the pair’s distinct quality of creating unmatched ambient, liquid atmospheres, and infusing them in seriously good Drum & Bass numbers. The remix of ‘You Saw The Devil In Me’ and the vocal-led ‘Holding Back’ are two stunning Liquid Drum & Bass rollers loaded with sophisticated melodies in simple drum patterns, crafted with care and precision.

Buy the EP here.



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