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Ed:it returns to Shogun Audio for Silhouettes - Part One

Since making his debut in 2011 for the groundbreaking “Coexistance” EP on Flexout Audio, Ed Warren aka Ed:it has carefully consolidated his name as one of the important producers in the Drum & Bass circuit. Ed:it’s penchant for soul stirring melodies coupled with his signature gritty sounds has seen him receive heavy support from some of Drum & Bass' biggest names & labels. Since first releasing his music on Flexout Audio, Ed:it has released his music on some of the biggest labels like Commercial Suicide, Dispatch Recordings, Addictive Behaviour Records and these releases came with some high-profile collaborations with the likes of Pennygiles, Hyroglifics, Overlook, Krakota & Eastcolors. And Since signing exclusively to Shogun Audio, Ed:it has released some of the finest drum & bass music in recent years which includes his seminal “South City” EP.

After the release of his “Junction” EP in 2017, Ed:it hadn’t released any music and now, after a two-year hiatus, the Nottingham based producer has returned with “Silhouettes – Part One” which will serve as the first chapter of his 3 EP series. From those signature punchy drums to more musical & liquid styles, this series will be a testament to Ed’s relentless work behind the album.

“My main inspiration is to create original rolling beats and breaks which include a natural percussive sound. I’ve tried to focus on this throughout the series and sometimes concentrated the vibe on the drums alone. Also directing the percussion to the foreground to provide more groove to the music. I feel that this has brought together a fresh meaning to my production, especially on certain sounds.”

The EP begins with ‘Dayz’ a straight up, deep low end roller while ‘Brink’ featuring Lady Soul is a another gritty drum & bass number, packed with Ed:it’s trademark dubby overtones. ‘So True’ features a live recorded guitar part and vocal sample while staying true to his rolling sounds. Ed:it finishes the EP with ‘Generally Speaking”, an unapologetic peak time banger representing his classic style of drum and bass.



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