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DnB India Premieres | Layers - Stomp

Hailing from the Capital, Kashish Verma, also known as Stomp, is a force to be reckoned with. With a strong penchant for intricate sounds, Stomp has released his music on International labels like 'Abducted Records' and 'True Bass Recordings'. Stomp explored others genres like Metal and Dubstep before consolidating Drum & Bass as his definite sound. The eclectic producer’s sounds vary from Jungle to Neurofunk and the unique Techstep touch to his music, sets him apart from the others.

After having him with us for our #BassMondays feature, we’re stoked to premiere Stomp’s first output of 2019. ‘Layers’ begins with an eerie and dark intro, and as the crunchy kicks emerge, the tune turns into massive wall of sound which has the ability to turn the dancefloors upside down. Something the Delhi based producer is slowly gaining a reputation for. 

Listen to Stomp's other tracks on his Soundcloud | For booking enquiries, shoot a mail -



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