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Monty releases a stunning 5 track EP on 1985 Music featuring his signature hard-edged sounds

Toulouse based Monty Brimley aka Monty is one of the hottest properties in Drum & Bass at the moment. After making his debut in 2016, Monty’s name has become synonymous with fast-paced, and cutting-edge drum & bass music. Monty was born in England but moved to France when he was 8 and that’s where he honed his skills as an artist by taking influences from his father who was jazz musician. Since his first release on Syndrome Audio in 2016, Monty has gained some serious recognition from some of the biggest names in Drum & Bass like Noisia, Ivy Lab, Alix Perez and the entire 'Critical Music' family. Very few up and coming producers have been able to rival Monty’s meteoric rise and his mind-numbing releases are a testament to the graft that he puts in the studio. Monty’s DJ sets are equally good if not better. He is known for his progressive and high energy approach to his sets. Flowing through sub-genres smoothly and harmonically, Monty is known for taking the audience on a sonic journey through wonky halftime beats and rollers with a consistent theme of catchy basslines with unparalleled groove.

Monty has been a frequent member on Alix Perez’s 1985 Music roster. The French producer has already released four stunning EPs on the label and for this fifth EP release on 1985 Music, the eclectic producer has delivered a pulsating 5 track EP called as “Hello”.

The EP begins with the title track “Hello” which exemplifies Monty’s haunting and nuanced approach to his music. “Limbo” featuring Visages and Benabu is a tune you would expect if you are a follower of 1985 Music’s releases; rolling, sleek and cutting edge. “Legion” and “Intoxication” are two brutal pile-drivers which are aimed straight at the dance floor. Monty finishes the EP off with a rump-shaking half-time banger in the form of “One Shot”.



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