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Mosillator's latest adventure 'Fog' is now out on Generation Bass

Mayur Narkevkar, the man behind Mosillator, is one of the undisputed pioneers of cutting edge bass music in India. An established producer/composer working under the name 'Bandish Projekt' for more than two decades now, it was Mayur’s profound love for Drum & Bass, that led to the creation of Mosillator, an eccentric alter ego working with the darker & experimental side of the genre. Having put out several EPs, albums and multiple singles since then, he is known for blending organic and electronic influences to create something really extra ordinary. With some past releases on Critical Music and Outtallectuals, his latest EP 'Fog' is now out today on Generation Bass.

1. Cling

Known for operating and thriving in his own lane, Mosillator has delivered a hard-edged industrial Drum & Bass tune that is sure to destroy any dancefloor. All distorted rhythms and synths, ‘Cling’ is sure to give you an ugly bassface.

2. Shadow

The ‘Fog’ EP is all about Mosillator’s turbo-charged approach to his music, and ‘Shadow’ is yet another illustration of it. Packed with menacing beat patterns, the producer has brought his high impact sound to full effect.

3. Shriek

Brimming with heavy and punchy bass stabs, ‘Shreik’ is a snappy and aggressive roller that builds tentatively, before launching a full-frontal bass assault with an imposing drop which leaves a lasting impact.

4. Smoke

‘Smoke’ is a decelerated interpretation of Mosillator’s fierce and pulsating sounds. The tune begins with an eerie intro which keeps in anticipation of what’s to come, and as the intro culminates to the drop, we are slapped with a relentless skittler that submerges the listener deeper and deeper in its abyss.

Stream/Buy the EP here.



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