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Nasha Records return with a stunning four-track EP after a seven year hiatus

We are a little late on this, but the beauty of this EP is too strong to not cover.

When The Nasha Experience clan come together to make music, the result is nothing short of epic. The UK based collective has been one of the flag-bearers of Asian Underground for over two decades. The Nasha Experience’s ability to weave global melodies and flavors into nu-skool electronic music has seen them produce some of the finest tunes we have ever come across.

Along with producing breath-taking music, The Nasha Experience also run two labels, and they have been pushing releases in and around the realm of Eastern Drum & Bass and Asian Underground. Nasha Records, along with Hundred Colours Music, have been at the forefront of delivering cutting-edge bass music.

While Hundred Colors Music has been actively releasing music over the years, we had not seen a release from Nasha Records after the ‘Technology’ EP back in 2013. After nearly a decade-long hiatus, the label is back with a stunning 4-track EP featuring Ges-e, Shandy, Sukh Knight & Nuphlo.

The ‘Kufiq’ EP starts with Ges-e and Shandy led ‘Kanobi’, which is a culmination of stunning eastern melodies, captivating drums, and punchy basslines. Title track ‘Kufiq’ follows the same lead, but it is a masterpiece dished out with unparalleled emotive power. ‘Rotate’ features Nuphlo’s snappy breakbeats and Sukh Knight’s hypnotic production style. To cap off a stunning EP, Nuphlo sends us into an emotional hyperdrive with an immersive deep-stepper in 'Senses'.

Listen/Buy ‘Kufiq’ EP here.



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