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Noisia have closed Invisible Recordings and we pay our tribute with some of their finest releases

Noisia’s Invisible Recordings imprint was always known for its cutting-edge outputs coupled with supreme creativity and finesse. The trio started the label in 2010 and the purpose of the label was to promote the darker realms of Drum & Bass music. Starting in 2010 with Invisible 001 featuring Icicle, Engage, Subterra & Dekko, the label racked up some of the freshest and the most intricate Drum & Bass releases we’ve ever come across. However, couples of weeks back, the Groningen based trio revealed that the label will cease to release any further music, a decision which was consciously taken by Noisia. The label shutting down means it leaves a host of groundbreaking music that was released, by some of the biggest names in Drum & Bass music and we decided to pay a visit down the memory lane and look back at some of the finest releases made by the label.

Noisia & Alix Perez – Underprint

Underprint featuring Belgian phenomenon Alix Perez was one of the initial tracks on the label but arguably it was one of the most solid Noisia outputs on the label. Dark, chunky and gritty was the name of the game for Invisible and ‘Underprint’ served to be the most perfect way to kick off.

Fre4knc – Spitfire

After cementing their name as a label with a penchant for the darker side of drum & bass, Dutch producer Fre4knc’s ‘Spitfire’ was a tune which brought the weirdness on the table. The tune is an immersive deep-stepper loaded with sophisticated rhythms and intricate drum patterns.

Sabre & Safire - Genie Method

If you were an ardent follower of Ivy Lab’s deep rollers, you will know what we are talking about. ‘Genie Method’ is a deep, moody liquid number with the atmosphere turned up all the way up. One of our personal favorites from the label.

Fre4knc – ‘Chapter 4’ EP

Yes, we have mentioned the entire EP because it’s hard to single out a track from this EP. This EP changed the way drum & bass is produced and the way it’s listened to. Listen to it if you haven’t already and you will know why.

MRSA - Bio Weapon

After the success of his seminal banger on Invisible Recordings, MRSA returned to the label and completely flipped the original on its head. The VIP turn he gave to the already anthemic “Bio Weapon” unfolds like an alien-triggered dream. Packed with stuttering breakdowns, the tune is an absolute monster. 

Do you think we have missed any tunes? Let us know your favourite releases from the label.



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