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Pola & Bryson team up with DJ Marky for an EP on Shogun Audio

Since making their debut and setting up their label in 2015, London-based duo Pola & Bryson have crafted their unique sound and carved out a niche of meticulously balanced Drum & Bass music.

After releasing two stunning EPs on their label Soulvent Records in 2015, the duo released their first full-length album “This Time Last Year” in 2016 which included some dazzling tunes like ‘Way Back, ‘Open My Eyes', and ‘Temporary Love’.

Their success with ‘This Time Last Year’ and their adventures on Spearhead Records led Friction into signing an exclusive deal with Shogun Audio, and since then, the duo has made some big moves by creating their own brand melodic Drum & Bass music, until recently.

A couple of years ago, one particular bootleg of Adam F’s ‘Circles’ took over DJ sets across clubs and festivals, but now it is no secret that the steam-rolling bootleg was Pola & Bryson’s doing. Unfortunately, the duo confirmed that the bootleg will never see the light of day; but it paved a path for the duo to explore sounds beyond their realm of emotive electronic music.

Since then, Pola & Bryson have delivered some hefty rollers like the remix of Cheeky Growler for Silence Groove, a chunky low-end remix on their own label for LQ, and their latest remix for Sub Focus and Wilkinson’s remix for the seminal hit ‘Just Hold On’.

The duo’s last release full release came in September 2019, and after a short hiatus, the duo is back for their latest adventure on Shogun Audio, but this time, it is a collaboration with Drum & Bass legend DJ Marky.

Having worked previously for ‘Into The Blue’, the duo and Marky have now stepped up their game to deliver a full EP called ‘Run The Streets’. The EP will drop on 3rd July, and details about the EP are still unknown.

Knowing Pola & Bryson’s work and their penchant for making big strides, coupled with the excellence of DJ Marky, it is fair to say that we are super hyped for this release.



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