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DnB India Premieres | Promenade - The Longest Way [Ballads LP]

Founded in 2011 in Italy and now based in Prague, BNC Express is slowly gaining reputation for being one of the finest underground Drum & Bass labels in Europe. Started by the Italian extraordinaire, DJ Promenade, the idea of the label was to provide a substantial platform for up and coming artists to express themselves freely and develop their passion and sounds without any barriers. Since its inception, the label has seen tremendous participation from different musical backgrounds giving the project a fresh sound and a diverse outlook towards making music. After championing a host of releases ranging from, liquid-funk to Jump-Up to Ragga Jungle to Neurofunk, it is safe to say that the label has stuck to its ethos of not paying too much attention to sub-genres and letting the creativity flow.

Label owner Promenade’s take on Drum & Bass has always been about creating a stylish and defined sound by drawing influences from other genres such as Funk, Hip- Hop and his newest release which we are stoked premiere is a testament to the producer’s ability to combines different styles impeccably. Part of his “Ballads” LP, “The Longest Way” is a flawless unification of spine-tingling melodies, silky smooth soundscapes and deep basslines. With this tune, Promenade brings with him years of experience in his productions which evoke several emotions throughout the tune.

Releases on 14th June 2019 | Follow BNC Express on Soundcloud



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