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pyxis shares 'Ladies of DnB', a playlist to celebrate the contribution of women in Drum & Bass

Combine emotional songwriting with a touch of deep basslines, and you have the magical sounds of pyxis. Despite making her debut in December 2019, she has been involved in the music industry for many years and donned many hats as a producer, promoter, publisher, and writer.

pyxis made her debut on Goldfat Records with three slices full of crispy drums and dreamy melodies. Since then, she has released her music on labels like Just Noyze, Sunny Moves Records, and Liquid Drops with releases that perfectly reflect the sophistication, and maturity of her experience in the scene.

pyxis is also the face behind Beats In Mind's 'Headsbass' initiative, which serves as a record label and a vessel to support DJs, clubbers, and dance music lovers struggling with all forms of mental health-related issues and concerns.

Recently, she compiled a Spotify playlist to celebrate all the beautiful women in the Drum & Bass scene. Over the years, we have been blessed with some breathtaking releases from the likes of Kyrist, Flava D, Charli Brix, and many more.

"I've been in the minority gender in drum n bass for over 25yrs. I have always been shown the utmost respect by the male majority, but it has been lonely at times. Although the female ratio is still in a huge deficit, I am over the moon to see so many women coming through into the scene in the last few years, and I not only fully support it and represent it, but I also appreciate it so much. We are on the rise and shining through at long last. I am so pleased to see so many people getting behind the Ladies of DNB playlist, it was necessary to show the skills of our girls and prove that we are just as capable of making valid contributions to the scene."

This playlist by pyxis is a testament to the outstanding work done by all the wonderful ladies in Drum & Bass that are a part of the scene as producers, writers, singers, and MCs.

Give the playlist a follow for a journey into some stunning music by the lovely women in Drum & Bass.



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