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Release | Spikey Tee's first solo album 'Between Wake And Sleep' is out and we pick our favorites

A couple of months ago, we had the privilege of interviewing an absolute legend of the Drum & bass scene that is Spikey Tee. In the interview, Spikey Tee had spoken about his first solo album which was due for release, and he gave us a glimpse of what we can expect from the interview.

Finally, after a slight delay, “Between Wake And Sleep” is out on Tokyo Dawn Records, and with the release, we have taken to the opportunity to pick our top tunes from the album.

• Spikey Tee - Back Off (feat. Ritual)

Spikey Tee was one of the pioneers of the sound system culture, and with this tune, he has intelligently weaved through his influences by converging his illustrious back catalogue in a single tune.

• Spikey Tee - Reminisce (feat. A Sides)

Another one that’s a bit inspired by the producer’s previous work and bringing A-sides’ dreamlike vibe and energy, with ‘Reminisce’, Spikey Tee has taken the album to a whole new level.

• Spikey Tee - Steel Doors (feat. Wai Wan)

‘Steel Doors’ is an example of a distinct quality Spikey Tee possesses; Creating ambient atmospheres and infusing them in seriously good numbers without losing its exclusivity. Genius Work!

• Spikey Tee - Rain (feat. Suff Daddy, Jim Dunloop)

‘Rain’ is by far our favourite from the album and it deserves special consideration. First few seconds in the track make you feel that you are in for something special; and yet again, Spikey Tee has dispensed his influences in the best way possible.

Not a full throttle drum & bass album, yes, but Spikey Tee has meticulously crafted and transcended the dance sub-genre and the end result is a wonderful emotive album that promises to be one of the notable releases of the year.



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