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Rizzle returns to Overview Music with a thumping 4-track EP ‘Placid’

Overview Music are making a statement with every single release of theirs. After establishing themselves in 2018, the U.K based label has been at the forefront of delivering distinctive and cutting-edge Drum & Bass, and after making their first release in December 2018, Overview Music have mastered the art of putting out carefully curated releases. 

The label has been championing the deeper and darker realms of Drum & Bass, and they have released some of the finest D&B we have heard lately. Overview Music started the year with a stunning release from Skylark, and fresh off their biggest release of the year so far featuring DRS and new-comer T-95, they are back with yet another release featuring Rizzle.

Rizzle started with Bournemouth-based Wrec Records and has caught the attention of some of the biggest names in the scene, and with his refined production styles, he has been a regular on labels like Dispatch Recordings, and Vandal Records.

After releasing the Mistress EP with Nami, Rizzle is now back for his first full release on Overview Music with a thumping four-track EP ‘Placid’.

Title track ‘Placid’ is a tune packed with swatches of rattling bass stabs and haunting atmospherics, while ‘Let You Go’ takes the fluid route and exemplifies the producer’s ever-evolving production style. ‘Outlook’ features soothing pads that transition into an immersive deep-stepper, bringing Rizzle’s high-impact sound to full effect. Packing deep and intense bass grooves, ‘Essence’ is a hypnotic low-end roller with an intense web of tension right from the word go.

Buy the EP here.



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