Think Tonk's top five tunes that will make you put your rave shoes on

If you are looking for some dancehall-influenced jungle and Drum & Bass, Mancunian badman, Think Tonk is your answer. The Think Tonk project is a wave-y culmination of various cultures and forms of dance music. Think Tonk’s influence on the Drum & Bass scene dates back to the early 90s where his music was championed by legends like Grooverider, Annie Nightingale, and Slipmatt; but since 2015, Think Tonk has been on a roll, and he has comfortably registered himself as one of the most forward-thinking producers on one of the biggest labels of the genre, V Recordings.

Following L-Side’s steam-rolling remix of Think Tonk’s ‘What A Ting’, we have selected the producer’s top 5 tunes that will make you put your rave shoes on.

Charly Black - Gyal You a Party Animal (Think Tonk Remix)

Charly Black’s seminal hit ‘Gyal You a Party Animal’ was given a stripped-back and refreshing twist by the Manchester based producer. This remix is as bash-y and woozy a tune can get. Proper summer time jam.

Think Tonk – Falling For Yoo

Dancehall, and bashment collide beautifully with Jungle, coupled with an Indian twist; and you have a punchy stepper packed with funk and groove.

King Tubby & Barry Brown - Burial (Think Tonk Remix)

Part of the ‘Jet Star Meets Hospital’ compilation, Think Tonk absolutely smashed this remix. Another surreal concoction of Jungle, reggae, and dancehall.

Think Tonk & Kemikal – Hill & Valley

Hill & Valley is by far our favourite Think Tonk track. The tune is a yet another example of the producer’s ability of combining different styles in the most unmistakable manner.

• Think Tonk – Magnificent

Think Tonk’s music keeps shape-shifting from one style to another and it is exactly why we adore his work. ‘Magnificent’ is another surreal blend of Jungle and dancehall, and a tune that exemplifies his hybrid and futuristic body of work.

Think Tonk has got some special forthcoming releases in his locker, so keep you are a fan of bash-y, woozy, and rave-y music.


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