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Top Five [India] 2019

Another year and yet again, another big year for Drum & Bass. 2019 like the last few years was one of the finest we have experienced as enthusiasts. We witnessed some immense collaborations during the year, and the genre crossed numerous boundaries and went through some intricate cross-pollination with artists stepping outside their niche and experimenting and mixing as they see it.

As much as we enjoyed our favorite artists smash the charts with their releases, the Indian Drum & Bass contingency also experienced a fantastic year. And to celebrate another successful year, as promised, we have curated our top 5 tunes from 2019 which deserve your attention.

Midival Punditz - Purvayi [Ox7gen Remix]

Known for venturing into a wide array of genres and one of the most successful Indian Drum & Bass artists, Mumbai based DJ & Producer Aditya Ashok aka Ox7gen gave a deep and intricate spin to Midival Punditz’s seminal hit, Purvayi.

Crash Comet and Linear - Save Me

Teaming up Leeds based Linear, Crash Comet delivered an effortlessly soulful tune full loaded with silky chords along with sublime vocal samples. One of our favorites from 2019.

Sepoys - In Trails Of Sonic Wakes

It’s hard to pen down our thoughts on this one. One of our favorite producers from the Indian Drum & Bass circuit, Sepoys delivered a tune that creates an atmosphere of melancholy, which is filled with hope and moments of joyful play.

Mosillator - Panic

Part of the Bandish Projekt ensemble, Mosillator is Mayur Narverkar’s solo Drum & Bass project. Continuing his no-nonsense production style, Mosillator carved out a steaming bass weapon with “Panic”.

Sound Avtar - Silver Cloud

Piyush Bhatnagar aka Sound Avtar aka Bad Boy Bass is known for a turbocharged approach to his productions; But with this release, he has shown that he can step it down and seamlessly switch between different styles.

Listen to all of them HERE, we have added them in our Spotify Playlist. Enjoy.



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