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DnB India Premieres | Zero State - Paradox

Sudip Mukherjee aka Zero State is an electronic music producer hailing from the land of wide smiles and happy hearts. Having completed his Diploma in Sound Engineering and music production from Arjun Vagale’s I Love Music Academy, Sudip’s influences in his DJ sets and productions span across the board. From swashbuckling sonic explosions of hard-edged dubstep and Drum & Bass to symmetric Bass House, the young producer has got it all in his locker.

For his first Drum & Bass offering, we are thrilled to premiere “Paradox”. The tune begins with a haunting into which leads us to the weighty and solid drum kicks. As the tracks builds, the tantalising breakdown allows us to catch our breath whilst we brace ourselves for the ferocious drop. Absolute stomper.

PS - By April 2020, Sudip is ready to release another tune with MIB crew [Europe].

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